dhankesari today result 11:55 am morning 18 October 2021

dhankesari today result 11:55 am

dhankesari today result 11:55 am 18 October 2021 Nagaland lottery draw publish dhankesari website. Nagaland lottery result on 18 October 2021 publishes dhankesari lottery sambad today result 11:55 am morning second is lottery sambad today 4 pm night result and third is lottery sambad today result 8 pm evening. Additional information relating to no deposit bingo bonus codes. Nagaland lottery is easy to download lottery sambad dhankesari result with one click.

dhankesari lottery sambad today result morning 11am (18.10.2021)

(publish Time —>> 2 pm – 2:20 pm)

1:10 pm Lottery Result


Old Result 17 October


Dhankeshari Today’s State Lottery Results in 2021

Dhankesari lottery is one of the most famous and popular state lotteries in India. This lottery is organized by the government who have authority to organize all such type of state-level lotteries.

This is one of the oldest lotteries in India. It operates in Sikkim State using a network of distributors. Amid the Sikkim State Government, it has the authority to sell lottery tickets.

If you have bought any tickets from the authorized distributor the winning ticket number of this lottery will be issued by the draw date as per official timing. We provide all such information about winning numbers with image and PDF format here on this page.”

dhankesari today result 11:55 am Play

Dhan Kishari Lottery’s first game was at 11:55 am. Dhankeshari conducts the morning lottery Nagaland State Lottery. Currently, 3-time Dhankeshari Lottery is run by Nagaland State Lottery.

A total of 13 legal lotteries have been approved in India Nagaland Lottery Paddy Orange Lottery costs only 30 rupees. A lottery number has a total of five series numbers. Each series costs only 6 rupees. This is called Nagaland State Lottery, Dhankeshari Lottery, and Lottery sambad.

Dhankesari lottery Prize value

The first prize winner in Dhankeshari State Lottery gets Rs 30 lakh. At the same time, the second prize winner will get 9 thousand rupees.  500 to the third, The fourth was given 250 rupees and the 5th prize was one hundred and twenty rupees. Also consolation prize of Rs.9500.

Dhankeshari Today’s lottery results have been given online. Dhan Kishari Lottery is a very popular lottery game in India. Those who are selling this rich orange lottery are slowly reaching the peak of prosperity.

We know that the Dhan Keshari Lottery schedule is 11:55 a.m., respectively. 4 pm to 8 p.m. If you want to know about the lottery results, you have to contact the Dhankeshari official page. Our team is trying its best to publish the results correctly and at the right time

Dhankeshari Lottery is a web page where all the information on the Indian lottery. is highlighted Stay connected with us to know the correct Dhankeshri lottery result and get Dhankeshri today’s result every day.

Dhankesari Today Result Prize Money

Lottery 1st Prize Rs- 26.26 Lakh
Lottery Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
Lottery 2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
Lottery 3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
Lottery 4th Prize Rs- 260/-
Lottery 5th Prize Rs- 120/-

Dhankesari Today Result Lottery Name

Monday Monday Dear Loving Morning
Tuesday Tuesday Dear Sincere Morning
Wednesday Wednesday Dear Faithful Morning
Thursday Thursday Dear Kind Morning
Friday Friday Dear Tender Morning
Saturday Saturday Dear Gentle Morning
Sunday Sunday Dear Affectionate Morning

Dhankeshari Today’s Lottery Results

Three lottery games have been played today, the first lottery at 11:55 AM, the second 4 pm, the third at 8 pm. Arrow results can be found online on our website page at the right time.

Dhankeshari Results in Today’s winner’s name is written on the results page Today’s Dhankeshari result has been given on the website at 11:55 pm, Dhankeshari 4 pm result website has been given and 8 pm result has been given at the right time.

Dhan Kishari Lottery importance

  • From the poor to the rich and to test your destiny, the rich orange lottery game, a light of hope for the poor. A person can become a millionaire by exchanging only 30 rupees.
  • There are many examples of Dhan Keshari winning the lottery. So the Dhankeshari lottery ticket is the place to fulfill the dream of mathematics Opportunity to become a millionaire for 30 rupees.

Yesterday’s Dhankeshari lottery news result

Dhan Keshari lottery results are given from where we can get them. We can all go to yesterday’s Dhankeshari Lottery Results from this page.

Anyone who misses the Dhankeshri lottery result can collect it online. We can collect Dhan Keshari Lottery Results online from a PDF file in any way.

Three games of yesterday’s Dhan Keshari Lottery Result have been posted on our online webpage. Download today’s and yesterday’s results from the Dhan Keshari Lottery Results are shown to the customers through a PDF file.



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