lottery sambad today 8pm 18.10.2021 night result pdf 2021

lottery sambad today 8 pm night result in 18.10.2021

lottery sambad today 8 pm 18.10.2021 night result Nagaland State Lottery draw publish dhankesari website. Nagaland State Lottery result 18.10.2021, lottery 18.10.2021, and the third is lottery sambad today result 11 am 18.10.2021.Nagaland lottery easy to download lottery sambad dhankesari result.

lottery sambad today result night 8pm Nagaland State Lottery


(publish Time —>> 08 pm – 08:20 pm)

08.10 pm Lottery Result


Old Result 17 October


As usual, the winner of the Dhankeshri evening 8 pm Result and Dhankeshri Lottery Result is named. The results of the Dhankesari Lottery are published between 8 pm and 8:15 pm. Dhankeshari Night 8 PM Lottery is conducted by the Nagaland State Government. The Nagaland State Lottery Dhankeshari or Lottery News hosts the game. Dhankeshri Morning Lottery, Dhankeshri Afternoon Lottery, Dhankeshri Ratri Lottery – these three games are played through lottery tickets of the Nagaland government. We buy lotteries every day in the dream of becoming millionaires. In the meantime, every day someone becomes a millionaire. Rice Orange Lottery Lottery News Lottery is a means to fulfill the dreams of the poor.

We can download Dhankeshari Lottery in PDF format. We can easily decide if we have won the lottery or not. Dhan Keshari Lottery results are published from our web pages and websites at the right time every day. All the information of Dhan Keshari today’s result is available online from here. Click the download button and download and view the results.

Dhankeshari night lottery prize money

With just 6 bucks you can become a millionaire from tomorrow. Check your luck without delay through the Rice Orange Lottery. West Bengal Lottery, Dhan Keshari Lottery, Lottery News These three lottery results are the same and the results are the same when published. The first prize money of dhankasari Lottery is one crore rupees. Dhankeshari lottery second prize money is 45000 rupees. Dhankeshari Lottery 3rd Price Money is 2500 rupees. Dhankeshari Lottery 4th prize money Hello twelve hundred and fifty rupees. Dhankeshari night lottery 5th prize money is 600 rupees.

Dhankeshari Today’s State Lottery Results in 2020

Dhan Kishari Lottery’s first game was at 11:55 am. Dhankeshari conducts the morning lottery Nagaland State Lottery. Currently, 3-time Dhankeshari Lottery is run by Nagaland State Lottery. A total of 13 legal lotteries have been approved in India Nagaland Lottery Paddy Orange Lottery costs only 30 rupees. A lottery number has a total of five series numbers. Each series costs only 6 rupees. This is called Nagaland State Lottery, Dhankeshari Lottery, and Lottery sambad. The first prize winner in Dhankeshari State Lottery gets Rs 30 lakh. At the same time, the second prize winner will get 9 thousand rupees 500 to the third The fourth was given 250 rupees and the 5th prize was one hundred and twenty rupees Also consolation prize of Rs.9500.




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